We help you to find the best solution to complete your product in the leanest way.

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Produce fast!

Fast recruitment and payment depended on your demand. Developers will be evaluated and monitored very closely by Applancer.

Save Time!

Only focus on mobile app, so that you don't have to hire an extra UX/UI designer, Applancer will support you with testing equipment, you don't have to buy everything.

Immediate Problem Solving!

Developers will work onsite at your company, you can communicate directly with them vice and versa. Accordingly, the developer will work under your company rules and policies just like other employees.

No more HR complication!

Developer are trained professionally, they can work well with your current developer team. The project will be able to function as the highest level.


Other Strengths

Risk Management

If you are not satisfied with our current developer, we’ll have immediate replacement.

Free Consultant

We will help you to figure out the difficulties of your project, we also give you advice on UX/UI of your product as well as working process.

Flexible payment

There are various packages of payment that you can choose from like quarterly or monthly, so that you can have better management on your budget.


We guarantee that your source code and related information will be keep confidentially by NDA contract. Confidentiality is the most important core value of our company.

How It Works

How to get started?

1. Please call 0904392888 (Bình) or shoot an email to binh@applancer.net to brief the project in order to have immediate consultant.
2. After that, we will send you a completed quotation.
3. Interview candidates that we assign.
4. Sign hiring contract, after signing, developers will be sent to work within 3 days.

How to manage the process?

Applancer Project Management Center will help clients monitor the project through a performance management tool.
1. Developers will receive assignment directly from client and start to use Applancer tool to build prototype under Applancer consultant and client feedback until it completes.
2. After finishing the prototype, the tool will automatically create certain milestones based on that prototype, developer and client can make an agreement on deadline for each of the check points.
3. Applancer Project Management Center will base on these milestones to mark the deadline in order to review developers performance, the ability to finish the project on time is base on client decision. If there are feedbacks from clients that developers have violated the deadline more than 3 times, they will be penalized and recalled.

How to file a disatisfaction feedback?

1. Use applancer milestone management tool, unstick on milestones that you think it's not completed (system will mark it's completed if there's no complaint).
2. Applancer will review with developer about the result of each milestones.
3. Applancer will make final decision based on reviewing result and compromise with clients.

Managing source code and other vital document

Client will manage these resources, ask developer to hand over during working process.

Finishing project

Fast recruitment and payment depended on your demand. Developers will be evaluated and monitored very closely by Applancer.
1. If the project is finished in the middle of the hiring period, client will have to notice Applancer at least 2 weeks before stop using the service.
2. If the contract expires which two parties decide not to continue to extend services agreement. clients will continue to have standard warranty package. (Warranty time equals rental time)