Why should you use this service?

The ultimate solution for your IT recruitment

Quick product release

We guarantee enough quality engineers during the commitment period so that you can release the products as fast as possible, insured switching developer if you are not satisfied.

Your company doesn't have tech experts?

If your organization needs digital transformation, or focus on E-commerce? You need IT people to run and operate your website or mobile app, don't go through complicated recruitment process including interview, reviewing, etc…. Let us handle all the hard work.

Tech startup need to make your ideas come true?

We can help you acquire the best developer team in no time even when you haven't finished your product or office

Outsourcing project

You will be able to have a strong developer team to keep going with your project, same budget with an outsourcing project

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We help you to complete your product as fast as possible and ready for your bussiness

You can focus on business solution building product, we will take care of your IT talent recruitment. Contact us: +84 904 39288


Web Developer

Android/iOS Developer

Full-stack Developer

PM, BA, Tester, UX/UI Designer

Software Engineer

DevOps, System Admin

Software Architect

Wordpress/Magento Developer

Service detail

Service Features

Team guarantee

If you have a problem with any personnel issue, We stop charging and conduct the quickest alternative recruitment

Interview and evaluate candidates

You will receive engineers' CVs / resume, choose to interview with us to make a recruitment decision

Flexible fee according to market wage

Pay by month and lease term, VAT invoice. We advise you on the market wage that is suitable for each level of engineering before prior to recruitment.

Information security

Commitment to the security of your source code, ideas and all relevant information.

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Why choosing us?

Know How and Know Who

Large IT candidate database and constantly updated

Specialized in IT. Owning a strong IT ecosystem and data of more than 300,000 developers are constantly updated.

Experience in the IT industry, HR management and projects

With deep experience in technology, we advise you to choose the right solution, architecture, technology for your project before conducting recruitment.

Understand and care about the development of our engineering teams

Selecting, interviewing, assessing qualifications and skills are conducted by experienced tech experts, as well as regularly training and coaching engineers to pass courses, workshops, events. hold weekly on Meetup.vn

Try before recruiting. There is nothing to worry about IT recruitment

Developer are well-trained, they are professional, adaptable who can quickly integrate with your current team to achieve the highest performance. After the lease term, you can recruit this person to full-time employee.

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How to start?

Contact us for free consultant

Please click here and fill in your information, we will contact to help you on choosing the right technology, estimate the time and quantity, the level of engineers. Hotline +84904392888

Get your quotation

Detailed information such as quantity, level, experience, salary for each hiring engineer

Receive application / CV and interview, select candidates to hire

Start charging from the first working day of the developer.

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